About School


Established with a purpose to make quality education affordable to all, about 25 years back Mr. Indraman Sahadeo Singh founded Priyadarshani Group of Schools in Pune. The Group is dedicated towards exploring skills of every student along with his holistic development. By saying holistic development, it involves physical, mental, social, cultural, entrepreneur and spiritual growth. Blessed with tremendous response from parents and spectacular journeys of student, Priyadarshani Group of Schools has expanded its wings to all parts of Pune. Schools and Junior Colleges of the group are igniting innovative and ideas in young blood. In this regard, in the year 2009 Priyadarshani Group started a CBSE School in Indrayani Nagar, Pune.


At Priyadarshani CBSE School, Indrayani Nagar, we hold the vision to nurture & foster the uniqueness of each student. For us, educating is giving the students a learning opportunity which is extraordinary, where they are inspired to be the compassionate youth, through intellectual & a multi-cultural point of view and mutual-respect. Our motto, “Eternal Flame” captivates the students to be enlightened from within and give their best. Setting forward an out-worldly blend, we call our students to participate in the school’s extra-curriculum that brings about growth & a positive change in their confidence in knowledge. We aim at providing an excellent learning opportunity. Priyadarshani School maintains a steadfast conviction in the power of quality education, and we strive to bring the best learning system for the students into entirety.

  • Vision

    “To make education a life enriching process which help our students to discover their true potential and manifest their potential to create value for themselves, family, society to co-exist with the planet they live in.”

  • Mission

    “To value and recognise the uniqueness of every student, through Education, which enriches life to a unique perspective, thereby connecting with Mother Nature and respecting each one’s contribution to make this world a better place, leading to a harmonious and successful life. ”

Chairman’s Message

The founder, and chairperson of Priyadarshani Group of Schools and Colleges firmly believe in the philosophy of Khalil Gibran, “The Teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple, among his followers give not of his wisdom, but rather of his faith and lovingness. He does not bid you to enter the house of wisdom, but rather leaves you to the threshold of your mind.” Mr. Singh’s vision is to give the best possible educational system to every child, while his determination lies in improving the concept as well as methods related to schooling. Overcoming the difficulties of getting an education during his younger days, he understood its importance and made the effort of promoting education for each child. He thereby took further steps in improvising his venture in the educational field, which gave him recognition as one of the most distinguished educationists. Mr. Indraman’s desire to help the poor through schooling only grew with the passage of time. He completed his primary education in the village and worked as a servant to complete his secondary education. His high hopes for pursuing education made him take up certain challenges, of which one was working as a waiter in a small inn and joining a night school to complete his metric and technical education.

According to Mr. Rajendra Singh, every child is a star, and they have to shine to the fullest. His venture into the educational field made him realize that education is all about assimilating good things in life. Rajendra Singh studied from Jai Hind School, and after finishing his B.Com from BMCC, Pune, he went on to pursue a diploma from Germany. Such learning experience has had a wonderful effect on his entire persona. His philosophy of education is to transform the method of teaching and learning. Building a strong relationship with parents, students and teachers is what he effectively follows, as it plays a pivotal role in changing the aspect of schooling. According to him, every student is different and unique, and it is the job of the school to nurture the children and discover their uniqueness. Being a part of Priyadarshani School, Rajendra Singh wants to offer each child the opportunity to understand his/her potential and work towards their own goal. Children are the future, therefore it is important for the school to shape and develop the child’s physical, emotional, as well as their physiological virtues so that he/she become self-reliant. Rajendra Singh is a true pioneer whose contribution has enhanced and developed the perspective of education in a positive way. “Education is a continuous life enriching process. Along with training the mind to conceptualize, the heart also needs the training to understand feelings.” – Rajendra Indraman Singh